Welcome to the Heartland Physicians Corporation

Heartland Physicians Corporation, an independent physicians association (IPA), was formed in 1998 and currently consists of 82 multi-specialty, participating physicians throughout North Missouri.
Our mission is to build a fiscally sound provider network that enhances access to health care services, maintains choice for health care consumers and providers, and improves the quality of health care and related services for the residents of our community.


Our Vision

To improve the health status of our community.
In furtherance of this vision, and the seamless continuum of care which is an integral part thereof, HPC strives to:
  • Develop a cohesive medical community
  • Maintain an informed membership
  • Maintain a cohesive hospital/provider relationship
  • Develop a provider/community employer relationship
  • Facilitate the development of relationships between physicians and payers, hospitals, and free-standing healthcare arrangements
  • Develop group oriented activities
  • Develop a dialogue with legislators and/or other policy makers in areas pertaining to care provided to our patients

Want to join us?

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